Private Satellite Program

Dikaios Christian Academy (DCA), also known as a Private School Satellite Program (PSP), allows your children to be enrolled in an established multi-student private school recognized by the State of California’s Board of Education. Students in the PSP receive their education in the home but are recognized as students of a private Christian school under current state law.


Families joining the PSP will receive the following benefits:

  • Privacy – DCA files a collective affidavit for all enrolled families. Therefore, no affidavit needs to be filed by the home schooling family and consequently anonymity is provided. DCA’s affidavit does not display names of students and the state cannot legally demand a list of students from our program.
  • Recordkeeping – Students enrolled in the PSP will have cum files kept in the Dikaios office in fire-proof cabinets. Families can keep a copy of their attendance and forms at home knowing that duplicate records are available if needed. Students’ previous records will be requested allowing their complete cum files to be stored in one place.
  • Accountability – DCA requires one monthly attendance and progress evaluation and two report cards per year. Parent’s are held accountable for keeping their student’s records current and complete.
  • Credibility – If a family moves to another school or requires copies of records for other institutions, these records will be sent using the official Dikaios letterhead.
  • Guidance – Dikaios provides a recordkeeping meeting and junior high and high school meetings to assist families in planning their courses and completing their paperwork. A student education plan is also created for high school students to ensure high school students are on track for graduation.
  • Transcripts – Junior high and high school students will have transcripts generated if needed for college, job, or auto insurance applications.
  • High School Diplomas – Students meeting Dikaios requirements of 240 credits and passing one-of-four available tests will receive a high school diploma.
  • Recommendation Letters – Recommendation letters for college or entrance to other programs are available from the Dikaios office.
  • Work Permits – Students enrolled in the PSP can obtain work permits from the Dikaios office after they have obtained employment.

Dikaios Christian Academy (PSP) Program Fees

There is an annual family registration fee to enroll in the PSP Program. The fee is due at the time of registration. In addition, there are program fees based on the number of registered students and the grade level of each student. High school students are accessed an additional $50 annual fee. PSP Program fees may be paid in full at the beginning of the school year or in 10 monthly payments.

The payment schedule is as follows:

Annual Registration Fee $25 ($5 early registration discount before Aug. 2)

Traditional school year payment schedule (10 months):

One student: $30.00 per month

One high school student: $35.00 per month

Additional students (in the same family): $5 per month per additional student*

*Additional high school students will pay an extra $5 per month fee ($10 per month)

The maximum charge for each family will not exceed $50 per month.


Dikaios Christian Academy (PSP) Program Enrollment Requirements

The following are required for first time enrollment in the Dikaios Christian Academy PSP Program:

1) Enrollment in the Dikaios Christian Educators Association and payment of registration fee by August 20th (click here for application).

2) Submission of the Dikaios Christian Academy Enrollment and Yearly Plan Application Form and registration fee by the close of the enrollment period (click here for application).

3) Agreement that one parent must be present with the children to be home schooled during a minimum of four hours per day.

4) One parent must attend a Mandatory DCA records meeting for the first year enrolled in the PSP.

5) New students: Submission of a copy of the birth certificate and updated immunizations for all new students, submission of the School Entry Physical Form for Kindergarten/1st Grade students, updated immunizations for 7th grade students.

6) New students: Submission of student’s most recent report card from the previous school.

7) Submit a ‘Request for Records’ form allowing DCA to obtain your student’s previous cum files (click here for form).

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