Dikaios is a nonprofit support group for home educators that is dedicated to meeting the needs of Christian home educators in our area. Our key verses, 2 Timothy 3:16-17 show us the need to base what we teach our children on the Word of God. Dikaios, meaning “righteousness”, calls us to conform to the standard, will, and character of God. Dikaios Christian Educators Association provides support through purpose, direction, and interaction with like-minded families.

Currently, our organization is headed by coordinators, Jerry and Von Sommerville. We have a staff and a board dedicated to serving the Lord and each other. Our board members are comprised of fathers who are members of our school group. They are pastors, businessmen, and  professional tradesmen. The board meets from time to time as necessity dictates to review policy direction and goals of the group.

Dikaios membership consists of about 100+ local homeschooling families.

The Dikaios Purpose Statement: “As parents it is our conviction before God that we are responsible for the training and education of our children.”


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